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Best Practices for New Caregiver Users
Best Practices for New Caregiver Users

Get started getting the most value out of your ONSCREEN service.

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As a new ONSCREEN customer, we want to make sure you get started and have the best experience with ONSCREEN today, tomorrow and beyond. Here are some things we recommend as best practices:

πŸ—“ Set up a schedule

Healthy routines are especially wonderful as we age, and your loved one will appreciate and benefit from a set schedule that they can anticipate. Checking in with them 2-3 times per week is ideal, so set up the days of the week, and the time of the day you plan to check in, for example:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30PM

  • Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays at 4:00PM

  • Friday Nights between 5 and 7pm

There's no specific formula here, just find what times work best for you and your loved one.

πŸ—£ Invite siblings and others

Sharing ONSCREEN with the extended family allows your older loved one to stay connected more broadly, sharing in the latest news and life's events. Invite others by clicking the "Invite" button in the Favorites section, and using their email address or phone number to send the invitation.

They will receive either an email or a text message from you with a link to install the ONSCREEN app on their mobile devices. Once they do so, they will be connected to your loved one and be able to call them easily as well.

Encourage them as well to set up a calling schedule and to ensure the extended family connects on a regular basis.

Got teens with mobile devices? Invite them as well and they can call their grandparents to share news about good grades, ask for advice, confide in them and generally keep the family bond strong.

βœ… Enable daily check-ins

Get peace of mind that your loved one is OK with automated wellness checks that show you how they're doing. Set up a specific time of day, and your loved one will be prompted with a "How are you doing today?" message on their TV. Then they can record a 30-second video message for you to see. The video message is sent to your mobile device and you can

Please learn more about this powerful feature by visiting here.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about our service, please feel free to reach out to us via email or our live chat.

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