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How to Make a Call as a Caregiver or Invited App User
How to Make a Call as a Caregiver or Invited App User

These instructions are for mobile app users to call their loved ones that have an ONSCREEN device on their TV.

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Family Caregivers

As the Caregiver of an older loved one, calling them is easy once the ONSCREEN device has been set up. Here are the few steps required:

  1. Make sure you're on the Caregiver Tab

  2. You should see a large blue button that reads "Call <FirstName> Now"

  3. Simply tap that button, and your mobile device will initiate a call

Invited App Users

When you open the ONSCREEN app, you should see a very simple screen with the name of the older adult.

All you have to do is tap their name, and the call will be placed.

Once the call is placed

Once the call is started, the experience will be the same for both types of users:

  1. You will see a "Starting..." screen while the call is placed

  2. Then you will see either an Auto-Answering screen, followed by a Connecting screen.

  3. After this, the device's screen will rotate to Landscape mode for optimal viewing, and you will be in the call.

  4. Use the available buttons to:

    1. Mute/Unmute Mic

    2. Turn Camera On/Off

    3. Switch from Front to Back camera

    4. Hang up the Call

  5. When the call ends, you'll have the opportunity to rate the quality of the call on a scale of 1-5. Please rate the call!

If you have any problems or concerns, please contact our support team.

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