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Introduction: ONSCREEN helps families stay connected, especially with older loved ones. The aim is to keep seniors engaged using the TV, a familiar technology in their homes.

The ONSCREEN Moment Device:

  • Basically like a streaming set-top device, similar to a Roku.

  • Comes with a built-in camera and microphone.

  • Easily connects to a TV and enables easy, hands-free video communication for seniors.

  • Typically set up in about 15 minutes.


  • Caregiver: Often the purchaser and main point of contact. They are responsible for setting up the device for their senior relative (e.g., mother, aunt, friend).

  • Older Loved One: The senior individual who the service primarily caters to.

  • Favorites: Other family members (siblings, grandkids) who join the platform to connect with the older loved one.

Setting Up the Device:

  1. Caregiver buys the device and decides where to ship it.

  2. Installation is easy but requires the following information:

    • Wi-Fi information (network name and password).

    • A TV that supports HDMI CEC. This feature should be turned on.

    • Access to TV ports for connecting cables.

    • The ONSCREEN mobile app for setup.

  3. After setup, the caregiver can test the call function.

Adding Family Members:

  • After setting up, caregivers can invite extended family and friends.

  • Invitations can be sent via text or email through the ONSCREEN app.

  • Invitees can then install the app and become "Favorites."

  • Favorites can initiate video calls with the senior member using the app.

Important Notes:

  • Stick to one email account for setup to avoid confusion.

  • Other family members should wait for an invitation before creating accounts.

  • For issues or confusion, reach out to ONSCREEN customer support.

Keep your loved ones connected and engaged with ONSCREEN.

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