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Install with Cable, Satellite, or Streaming device via HDMI
Install with Cable, Satellite, or Streaming device via HDMI

Install your ONSCREEN device so you can watch TV coming in on HDMI Port. Typical cable or satellite set top box or streaming device setup.

Written by Jerry Onscreen
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If your TV setup is using an HDMI based input source, like an HDMI cable box, or streaming box, please follow the steps below to complete the ONSCREEN setup. This is the simplest and best way to setup ONSCREEN. Lets go!

Your Current Setup

This article assumes that your current setup looks somewhat like this:


  • You normally watch the TV and change the channel with the remote

  • There might be other things, like a DVR or BlueRay player, plugged in to other ports

Your New Connection Setup

Follow these instructions to setup your ONSCREEN device so that it acts as an HDMI passthrough for your current TV source.

  1. Locate the Set Top Box Cable: Find the HDMI cable that is connected to your set-top box.

  2. Unplug the Set Top Box Cable from the TV: Carefully unplug the HDMI cable connected to your set-top box from the HDMI port of your TV. Make a note of which port it was plugged into - you will need this information later.

  3. Connect the Set Top Box to ONSCREEN device: Plug the cable from the set-top box's HDMI Out port into the HDMI IN port on the ONSCREEN device.

  4. Connect ONSCREEN device to TV: Now take the HDMI cable that came with your ONSCREEN device. Plug one end of this cable into the HDMI OUT port of the ONSCREEN device and the other end into the HDMI port on your TV that you noted down in step 2.

  5. Connect ONSCREEN device to Power Source: Finally, plug the ONSCREEN device's AC power adapter into the AC-In port of the device and connect the other end to a nearby power outlet.

After following the above instructions, your setup should look like this:

Your ONSCREEN device and TV Setup should now be completed, and if every device is powered on, and you're on the correct HDMI port, you should see "Let's connect to your network" on the TV.




TV does not come on when call starts

Check TV settings. Some have a separate setting to allow CEC to turn TV on

TV does not turn off when expected

Check TV settings. Some have a separate setting to allow CEC to turn TV off

TV does not turn off when expected

Make sure you are ending call with option “Hang up and turn remote TV off”

During call, remote end only sees a webcam with a slash through it

Privacy shutter is closed (even partially). Fully twist privacy shutter knob open

During call, remote end does not hear anything

Microphone mute switch is turned to “mute”. Slide switch (top of unit) forward

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