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HDMI Port on Most Samsung Models
HDMI Port on Most Samsung Models

Configuring new HDMI port on a Samsung TV

Written by Jerry Onscreen
Updated over a week ago

If you're connecting an ONSCREEN device to a Samsung TV for the first time, it is usually already enabled to support turning on and switching to the ONSCREEN device when a call begins. The TV will prompt you to set up the Samsung Smart remote, but you will skip this step.

You should plug in the HDMI cable from the TV to the ONSCREEN device before powering up the ONSCREEN device.

Your Samsung TV can be on the home screen:

When you power on the ONSCREEN device, it will detect a new device and attempt to find the remote control settings in the Samsung database (we don't use the remote):

Then, it will show that we weren't found:

Using the Samsung TV's remote, tap the 'right' to move the selection to "Later"

The Samsung TV will switch to the ONSCREEN device as the current input. Continue with setup until you see your name:

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