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Zooming in during a video call
Zooming in during a video call

How to zoom in when calling your loved one from your mobile app

Updated over a week ago

The ONSCREEN Moment has a wide field of view and that's great to see the room your loved ones in. Maybe they are not quite in front of the TV or they are moving around and you want to see them wherever they are. Sometimes, though, you would like to get a closer view or center them on your phone.

Built in Pan and Zoom

During a video call with your loved one, you can use your thumb and finger to make an "open pinch" motion. This will zoom in. Holding one finger down and moving it will "Pan" to different areas of the view (it only pans when you have zoomed in). You can undo this immediately by "closed" pinch motion.

Phone Zoom Option

Phones have an accessibility feature to allow you to see anything on the screen larger. This means you can see the app screens bigger as well as the video coming from your loved one.

For example, in iPhone, go to Settings>Accessibility and enable Zoom. Now anytime (when in any app, when in ONSCREEN app or during a call) you can Zoom a fixed amount by double-tapping three fingers. Dragging three fingers around gets you around the screen. You go back to normal by double-tapping three fingers again.

Remember that if you are using this to see your video larger, it will still be on when you hang up the call. You have to double-tap three fingers to turn it off.

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