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Feature: Messages

Use the "Send Message" feature to quickly communicate with your loved ones.

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Messages 💬

In a world where staying connected with loved ones is more crucial than ever, the ONSCREEN device allows you to send messages directly to your senior loved ones' TV screens. The "Send Message" feature on the ONSCREEN mobile app facilitates not only the sharing of heartfelt text messages but now also offers the delivery of images and videos as well, right at the comfort of your loved one's TV screen.

Imagine sharing videos from a birthday party, a sports game or anything else, with just one button, and they will go directly to your loved one's TV. Images are also easily shared now.

We've prepared this video to help you understand all the capabilities of this feature:

Here’s a detailed walkthrough on how to use this enriching feature:

Getting Started:

  1. Accessing The Feature for Caregivers:

    1. Open the ONSCREEN mobile app on your smartphone.

    2. Navigate to the ‘Caregiver Tab’.

    3. Click on "Send Message"

  2. Accessing The Feature for Non-Caregivers:

    1. Open the ONSCREEN mobile app on your smartphone.

    2. You will see a Messaging icon on your home screen, to the right of the name of the older loved one.

Crafting Your Message:

  1. Text Messaging:

    • Tap "Send Message" to compose a text message.

    • You are free to craft a message of up to 140 characters. Emojis are supported, so feel free to express yourself! 🥰

  2. Sending Images and Videos:

    • Besides text, you can now share images and videos.

    • Tap on the media icon to select an image or video from your phone, much like how you would in many other apps.

    • Once selected, a preview of the image or video will appear. You can add text to accompany your media; however, be mindful that text may cover a part of the image or video.

Setting The Visibility Duration:

  1. Message Duration:

    • Decide how long your message will stay visible on the TV screen, with a maximum duration of up to 5 minutes.

    • For videos, the duration is based on how long the video is.

Sending Your Message:

  1. Delivery:

    • Once satisfied, tap 'Send'.

    • Your message will pop up on your loved one's TV screen for them to read, or view, as soon as you've sent it.

    • Should the TV be off, it will power on to display your message for the selected duration, then revert to its default programming.

Message History and Receiving Messages:

  1. Review Past Messages:

    • The app now keeps a history of all the texts, images, and videos you've sent, making it easy to revisit cherished moments.

  2. Receiving Messages:

    • Excitingly, you can now receive video messages from your loved one, even if you're not a caregiver. These messages will appear on the 'Send Message' screen as well, offering a two-way communication channel.

Additional Tips:

  • This feature is perfect for sending quick reminders like "Don't forget your new medicine" or affectionate greetings such as "Thinking of you".

  • In the spirit of respecting your senior loved ones’ TV time, it’s encouraged to inform them about this feature and obtain their approval. This ensures the Messages feature brings joy and not unexpected interruptions to their leisure time.

The "Send Message" feature is a thoughtful way to keep the communication channels open and vibrant with your loved ones, making distances feel a little less distant. Whether it's a sweet reminder, a picture of a grandchild, or a video of a family gathering, the ONSCREEN device and app ensure your loved ones are always in the loop, fostering a stronger sense of connection and community.​

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