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The New ONSCREEN Remote Control
The New ONSCREEN Remote Control

Learn about the new ONSCREEN Remote Control now available with our ONSCREEN Plus features.

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The new ONSCREEN Remote Control is designed to redefine your loved one's entertainment and communication experience. Crafted with simplicity and functionality in mind, this remote offers unparalleled ease of use. Below is a comprehensive guide to help you understand and make the most of its features.

Please note: Only customers on the new ONSCREEN Plus service level will receive a remote.

Key Features of the ONSCREEN Remote Control

  1. Switch to TV Programming / Power On/Off: Depending on your setup, this button does a couple of things:

    1. If you're using our HDMI Passthrough configuration, it will switch to/from the TV source plugged into the HDMI IN port on the ONSCREEN device.

    2. If you're using HDMI Switching, it will switch to/from the TV source port that you've designed as the TV port.

    3. If you're using neither of those, and ONSCREEN is the primary TV Source, this will put the ONSCREEN device in standby mode, or take it out of standby mode.

  2. Start AI Companion: Activates Joy, ONSCREEN's AI companion.

  3. Select Options on the Screen: Use the directional arrows surrounding the 'Enter' button to navigate through options, menus, or settings on your screen.

  4. Return to Home Screen: No matter where you are in the interface, this button ensures you can quickly return to the main screen.

  5. Go Back: If you ever want to return to the previous screen or undo a selection, the 'Go Back' button is your best friend.

  6. Open TV App: Opens the PlutoTV App.

  7. Call Caregiver: With a dedicated 'Call' button, this feature ensures that assistance is just a click away, making it especially useful for those in need of regular care or check-ins.

  8. Start a Daily Update: Starts the Daily Check-In feature, which allows your loved one to record a video message to you.

  9. Hang Up/Cancel Current Activity: Need to quickly end a call or stop a function? The 'Cancel' button lets you do just that.

  10. Volume Control: Adjust the volume to your preferred level using the '+' and '-' buttons.

Benefits of Using the ONSCREEN Remote Control

  • User-Friendly Design: With clearly labeled buttons and an ergonomic design, this remote ensures ease of use for all age groups.

  • All-in-One Solution: From entertainment to communication, the ONSCREEN remote brings multiple functionalities to your fingertips.

  • Quick Access: With dedicated buttons for essential features, you don’t need to navigate through complex menus.

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