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How Should I Connect the ONSCREEN Device?
How Should I Connect the ONSCREEN Device?

This guide helps you choose how to connect your ONSCREEN device depending on how you normally watch TV.

Updated over a week ago

Find the section below that matches how you normally watch TV.

Then follow the link to see how you can install the ONSCREEN Moment to best use Autoanswer and other features. Note that in all the configurations, the TV needs to support HDMI-CEC to turn on and off.

Choose the current TV setup:

  • You normally watch the tv and change the channel with the remote

  • There might be other things, like a DVR or BlueRay player, plugged in to other ports

  • You use the TV remote to switch channels

  • There is no set top box for you to turn on

  • TV has HDMI port available

  • Usually works with HDMI-CEC

    • Can switch TV on and off

    • Can switch to a call when it comes in

  • Switching from one app to another -- have to select program and start

  • Some TV’s have options

    • Return to last used app (goes to app home)

    • On power up, start on particular app (goes to app home)

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