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Feature: Auto-Answer from Favorites
Feature: Auto-Answer from Favorites

How to use the Auto-Answer from Favorites feature

Updated over a week ago

Auto-Answer is a super convenient way to use your ONSCREEN device and TV. When you enable the feature on the Profile tab, the ONSCREEN device answers calls automatically. Only incoming calls from your contacts that you have added to Favorites will trigger the auto-answer feature. This means that if you are watching TV, and one of your Favorite contacts calls you, you do not need to use the mobile phone at all. Calls will immediately be answered on your TV. You will see a 30 second countdown before the connection.

How to Enable "Auto-Answer from Favorites"

  1. From the Home screen, add some Favorites

  2. Go to User Profile

  3. Toggle the switch "Auto-Answer from Favorites"

  4. Go back to Home Screen

When someone from your Favorites calls you, your ONSCREEN device will show a countdown screen for 30 seconds and will then answer the call automatically. Just sit back and enjoy the conversation!

If you have the ONSCREEN Moment (with the built-in camera), you can also decline a call by pressing the "Phone" button or the "Power" button on the front of the unit during the countdown or while the call is in progress. With either the "Spark" or the "Moment" you can also use your mobile device to decline the call.

Note: if you would like the countdown time changed, contact customer support. We can set it from 10 seconds to 60 seconds for you.


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