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How to Join a Zoom Meeting
How to Join a Zoom Meeting
Updated over a week ago

ONSCREEN makes it very easy to join a Zoom meeting from your TV. Simply click the "Join Zoom Meeting" button on the Home Screen. You can also Start a Meeting by logging in with your Zoom credentials, and clicking Start Meeting.
On the Zoom screen, simply enter the Meeting Code and the Meeting Password and click the Join button. This will start the connection, and you will shortly join your meeting.

Calendar Support

As of September 2021, we also support Calendar Integration with your mobile device. On the Zoom tab, make sure that you grant permissions to read your calendar. Once granted, our app will scan today's calendar for Zoom invitations. If it finds it, it will be listed on the screen, ready to be tapped. If you're the organizer of this meeting, you'll also be able to start it and join it as the host.

Zoom Tab for ONSCREEN

During Your Meeting

Our Mobile App allows you to select either an Active Talker or a Grid View Layout for your meeting, by clicking the Layout buttons. You can also Mute your Mic, and Turn Off your Camera as well.

Recent updates also include the ability to Raise Hand and to Send Text Message into the meeting. You will see text messages sent to "Everyone" and to you appear on the screen as well.
​Here's a very helpful blog post on how to set up and host your first Zoom Meeting on the ONSCREEN device.

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