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Caregiver: Joining your loved one to a Zoom meeting
Caregiver: Joining your loved one to a Zoom meeting

To have your Carereceiver join a Zoom meeting, follow these steps

Updated over a week ago

The Caregiver/Carereceiver setup is optimized so individuals can call in and the ONSCREEN device answers automatically. If you'd like to have a larger group call, you can use Zoom. To allow the Caregiver to be able to manage the Zoom meeting for the Carereceiver, the Caregiver must have version 2.9.1 of the app. Follow this guide.

On the Caregiver tab, you will use the button "Join <Name> to a Zoom meeting":

To keep things simple, you'll only be able to join meetings. Next, enter the meeting code and password. Click the "Join Meeting" button.

The Care Receiver's TV will turn on and switch to use the ONSCREEN device as it's input source. Initially, a message "Connecting to meeting" will show on the TV and then the Zoom meeting will start with the display in "active speaker" mode (this is one big image of whoever is talking). The mobile app will give you control:

Remember, this is controlling the Care Receiver's connection to the meeting. Muting will stop everyone from hearing the Care Receiver. Pause Video will stop everyone from seeing the Care Receiver. Leave will drop the Care Receiver.
If you want the Care Receiver to see all the participants in a gallery view, press the Gallery View button. The TV will change to show the Gallery, and the app will change to give you a button to go back to Active speaker view.

At the end of the meeting, the meeting organizer can end the meeting for all. If you want the Carereceiver to leave earlier, you can use the "Leave Meeting" button on the app. The TV will return to the same HDMI port as at the end of a call. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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