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Completing Hardware Setup for a Senior
Completing Hardware Setup for a Senior

Learn about the new Caregiver Tab that lets you stay close with a senior in your family.

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Completing Hardware Setup

This article assumes that you've already completed the previous steps of connecting the device to your TV, that it is powered on, and the TV displays "Let's Connect to Your Network"

To complete the setup, you will need the following:

  1. You should be doing these steps at your loved one's residence. (If you do the setup at your residence, you will need to reset the device before you move it).

  2. You will need to know your loved one's WiFi information to connect the ONSCREEN device to their WiFi.

Per the previous article, please make sure you have installed and created a new user for yourself in the ONSCREEN App. Once that happens, you will see a screen with these options:

  1. Set up as a Caregiver for a Senior

  2. Use the ONSCREEN App to call a loved one

Setting Up Your Loved One

After choosing the blue button with the label "Setup as a Caregiver for a Senior" you will be taken to a screen with the following prompt:

"Ready to set up ONSCREEN for Someone Else?"

When you click "Start Setup," you will be taken to a screen to enter the First Name, Last Name, Age (optional) and Gender (optional) for the senior. This is needed to create a unique user in our system. Please fill these out and tap "Continue".

Once the user is created, you will be asked for their WiFi information. Here's how to set up the WiFi:

  1. Carefully enter the Network Name and Password into the fields. Make sure everything is entered correctly, and all the correct casing is used.

  2. You can also double-check the TV screen... the ONSCREEN device should be listing all of the detected nearby WiFi networks.

  3. After entering the WiFi info into the fields, you will be shown a QR Code.

  4. Hold up the QR code to the camera, about 6 - 12 inches away. The screen will increase and decrease brightness to allow for the camera to focus on it.

  5. Once the QR Code is scanned by the camera, it will connect to the network. If there are any problems connecting, it will be displayed on the screen.

  6. Otherwise, the ONSCREEN device will connect and is now ready to be used by the Senior.

The Caregiver Tab will show that it successfully completed this step. At this point, the hardware setup is complete. However, please continue reading this article to get familiar with all the aspects of our product.

Using the Caregiver Tab

Once the settings are complete, you see a new Caregiver Home Screen, that lets you adjust settings, quickly call the senior, and manage their Favorites, who are the people that can call the senior.

Onboarding Screens

When you first connect the ONSCREEN device successfully and return to the Caregiver Tab, you will see some helpful Onboarding Screens to help you understand the features of the product. You can click Next, Prev, and Skip to navigate through these screens.

When you finish the onboarding screens for the first time, you will be taken to the HDMI Port Setup.

Make a Call

You can get started with the ONSCREEN device by making a test call as soon as you're set up. Simply click the "Call <Senior Name> Now" button. This will initiate a call from your mobile device to the senior's ONSCREEN device to let you test it.

NOTE: You may get echoes when you do this. Turn down the volume on the TV and the phone to prevent this.

Join a Zoom Meeting

This handy feature lets you control your loved one's ONSCREEN device so they can be joined to a Zoom meeting from wherever you are. Tap this button, and you will then see a follow-up screen asking for the Meeting Code and the Meeting Password. Once you provide this, your loved one will be connected to that Zoom meeting through her TV.

Send a Message

This new feature lets you send a text message, images or video directly to your loved one's TV, for things like a quick hello, sharing some news, or a reminder that you're on your way.

HDMI Setup

Once you have tested the call, you can also set the TV HDMI ports to switch automatically for a call, as well as turn the TV on when a call is coming in.
​For example:

If the senior has their cable TV box setup on HDMI 1, and the ONSCREEN device on HDMI 2.
They are watching the TV and a call comes in. The TV will switch from the cable TV port (HDMI 1) to the ONSCREEN device (HDMI 2) automatically. Once the call is finished, it will switch back to the cable TV (HDMI 1).

To set this up:

  1. Click on the blue text "Settings for <Senior Name>'s device"

  2. Click on Setup TV HDMI Ports

  3. Follow the steps on the screen to:

    1. Test that the TV can turn off

    2. Test that the TV can turn on

    3. Test that you can switch to the cable box, satellite, or other HDMI inputs

    4. Test that you can switch back to the ONSCREEN device.

If you're having trouble with the HDMI setup, we've prepared a number of articles for you in this section of our help center.


"Favorites" are people that are family members or friends, who are allowed to call the Senior, and have the call go through if Auto-Answer is enabled. By default, you are added automatically to the Favorites list. You can use the Add button to add more people.

When adding Favorites, you can choose them from your contact list, or you can add them via Email. If they're not already a part of ONSCREEN, they will be invited to join the service. Once they do this, they will become a "Favorite" for your senior, and will be able to call them with Auto-Answer. You will see the people you've invited underneath the Favorites list.

We highly recommend that you invite at least 2 or 3 other people to be able to call your loved one and that you coordinate with them when they will be calling. This improves many health aspects by reducing isolation and loneliness.

Daily Update

Read about how to set up automated video check-ins, on this page.

Share YouTube Video

Read about how you can push video playlists to your loved ones, on this page.

Settings for your Senior's device

The Settings area allows you to configure various aspects of your senior's ONSCREEN device, or mobile experience:

Setup TV HDMI Ports: A set of screens that help you set up and test your TV's ability to receive commands from the ONSCREEN device.

Easy Mode: turns on/off easy mode for your senior.

Auto-Answer from Favorites: enables the Auto-Answer feature when Favorites call.

Auto-Answer Schedule: this gives more control over what days and what time of days the auto-answer feature is enabled. Please be sure to discuss with your senior about what times are convenient for them to receive calls. You do not want to intrude on their privacy and place an auto-answer call when it is not expected.

Increase Microphone Recording Level: This allows you to boost the microphone on the ONSCREEN device so that you can hear the other person better, if they're speaking too quietly.

Increase Volume Playback Level: This allows you to increase the playback volume of the video call, so that the other person can hear YOU better.

Reset Device: this option will detach the senior's user account from this ONSCREEN device so that you can perhaps attach another user. Please contact Support if you need any help with this.

Provide Feedback

We welcome you to submit your feedback to our support team and let us know how this feature is working out for you, or if you'd suggest any changes. Please contact us with any questions, suggestions, or comments.

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