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Enterprise Manager Overview
Enterprise Manager Overview

This guide will help you and your administrators manage our Enterprise Manager portal.

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Main Device Management

Purpose: Manage your organization's devices and perform functions such as messaging, video check-ins, and managing Zoom connections.

  1. Device List: View all devices by name, their online status, usage, and scheduled Zoom events. Check the box next to a device to select it for management actions.

  2. Management Actions:

    • MESSAGE: Select to send a custom message to a device.

    • AI COMPANION: Activate the AI companion feature on the selected device.

    • VIDEO CHECK-IN: Initiate a video call with the selected device.

    • JOIN TO ZOOM NOW / DISCONNECT FROM ZOOM: Quickly join or disconnect the selected device from a Zoom call.

    • REGISTER / UNREGISTER FROM ZOOM: Sign the selected device up for a Zoom event or cancel a previous registration.

    • REBOOT: Restart the selected device remotely.

Clicking on a Single Device

When clicking on a device, a sidebar will open which allows you to perform various functions.

Device Screen

Device Overview:

  1. Device Information: The top section provides the unique identifier (UID), the device’s online status, and the last check-in time.

  2. Network Information: Details about the network to which the device is connected, including name, signal strength, quality, ping, and device version.

Device Actions:

  1. Video Call: click this button to immediately call that device. It will auto-answer based on the auto-answering settings on the device.

  2. Create Task or Routines: click here for a full guide on this topic.

Tabs for Detailed Records:

  1. TASKS / ROUTINES: Shows the schedule of tasks and routines set for the device.

  2. VIDEO CHECK-INS: Lists past video check-in sessions with timestamps. The administrator can see the recorded video here.

  3. AI CONVERSATIONS: Archives interactions between the senior and the AI companion.

  4. AI ASSESSMENTS: Contains any AI-performed assessments for the senior.

Selecting Multiple Devices for Actions

Select multiple devices concurrently to perform batch actions or manage multiple devices simultaneously. This allows you to manage multiple devices quickly and easily.

  1. Batch Selection: Click the checkboxes beside each device to perform actions on multiple devices at once.

  2. Action Confirmation: After selecting the devices, click on the desired action button to apply that function to all selected devices.

Registering a device for Zoom Events

When you check multiple devices, click Register for Zoom the selected devices for available Zoom events.

  • Event List: Shows available events for registration, allowing you to "REGISTER" the selected device for an event of choice. If the device is

Unregistering a device from Zoom Events

Select a device and then click "Unregister from Zoom" to unregister a device from scheduled Zoom events that it's registered for.

  • Event List: Displays a list of events that the selected device is registered for, with the option to "UNREGISTER."

Zoom Events Management Screen

Purpose: View and manage scheduled Zoom events for the devices.

  1. Event Overview: Each row displays an event's title, host, meeting code, description, time, and password.

  2. Event Actions:

    • ADD EVENT: Schedule a new Zoom event.

    • UPDATE: Modify the details of an existing event.

    • DELETE: Remove an event from the schedule.

Registered Users for an Event

See which users are registered for a particular Zoom event.

  • User List: When clicking on an event, a popup displays all devices/users registered for that specific event.

Adding a Zoom Event

Add a new Zoom event to the schedule by clicking the "Add Event" button.

  1. Provide Event Details: Enter the event's title, host, meeting code, description, password, date, and time.

  2. Confirmation: Click "ADD" to confirm and schedule the event.

Updating a Zoom Event

Edit the details of an existing Zoom event by checking the box next to the event and then clicking the "UPDATE" button.

  1. Editing Details: Change any necessary details such as title, host information, meeting code, date, and time.

  2. Saving Changes: Click "UPDATE" to save the modified event details.

We hope you find this guide of our Enterprise Manager platform helpful. For any specific questions or comments, please contact us at

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