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Update the Android Mobile App
Update the Android Mobile App

How to get the latest version of the ONSCREEN app on your Android phone

Updated over a week ago

If you are asked to update your Android app to get a new feature or fix a bug, you should first check to see if your app has already automatically updated. This is a common way to manage your apps on your phone, but many people turn this off.

To see what version app you are running, open the ONSCREEN app on your phone. Then select the Profile tab:

If the App Version is not at the latest, you can open the Play store and get the latest

  1. Open Play app

  2. Click on your picture or avatar in upper right

  3. Click on Manage Apps and Device

  4. Click on either "Update All" or "see Details"

  5. Scroll down to find ONSCREEN Senior Video Calling

  6. Select Update

Open the Play app

Click on your picture

Select Manage apps & device

Select Update All or See Details

Select Update for ONSCREEN


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