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Installation on Smart TV with only Apps
Installation on Smart TV with only Apps

If you only use the apps on a smart TV, you can still use ONSCREEN auto-answer and go back to your program if you take an additional step.

Written by Jerry Onscreen
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Using apps on a Smart TV allows for seamless switching TO external devices such as the ONSCREEN device. However, one common limitation is that once the Smart TV has switched to the external device, it cannot automatically switch back to the previous app you were using on the TV. This means you might have to manually select the app again to continue watching, which can be challenging for our older loved ones.

To overcome this limitation, we recommend using an external streaming device, like a Roku Express. By incorporating Roku into your viewing setup, you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment channels and navigate with a familiar interface and remote. Furthermore, Roku can be set up to go directly into the ONSCREEN device, ensuring a smooth transition between your streaming content and ONSCREEN calls.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set this up:

  1. Purchase a Roku Express Device: Buy a Roku device, which typically costs around $20, or any other preferred external streaming device. Here's a link to Amazon for it.

  2. Set Up Your Roku: Familiarize yourself with the Roku interface and its remote. This will be your main entertainment source.

  3. Connect Roku to ONSCREEN: Connect your Roku device to the HDMI IN port on your ONSCREEN device using an HDMI cable.

  4. Connect ONSCREEN to the TV: Now, connect the HDMI OUT port of the ONSCREEN device to an HDMI port on your TV using another HDMI cable.

  5. Switching Between Roku and ONSCREEN is now solved: Now, when you need to use the ONSCREEN device, it can seamlessly switch from the Roku content, and then switch back when you are done, improving your overall viewing experience.

At this point, your setup should look like this:

By following these steps, you should enjoy a smooth viewing experience, effortlessly switching between your Roku and ONSCREEN device.

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