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What's in the the box?
What's in the the box?

Brad Pitt would like to know.

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Your ONSCREEN Spark package comes with the following items:

  • The Spark Base - our smart device which is doing all the computing, video encoding, and magic that makes everything work so easily!

  • The Spark Camera - our custom webcam that delivers great quality video. Connect it to the Base using it's USB. The camera also includes a privacy shutter which you can close when you're not making calls.

  • HDMI cable - use this to connect the Base to one of your TV's HDMI ports.

  • Power Adapter - use this to connect the Base to a nearby power outlet.

  • Sticky Tape - Use this tape if you want to mount the Base to the back of your TV so it can be kept out of sight.

  • Cable Twisties - Use these to manage your cables for the aesthetic you're looking to achieve.

  • Instructions - Quick and easy instructions on how to set up the hardware, and install our app, which you need to control the ONSCREEN Spark.

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