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Mobile AI Check-In results powered by Joy
Mobile AI Check-In results powered by Joy

AI-powered insights are now easily available in our mobile app.

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"AI Check-Ins" is a new feature on the ONSCREEN platform that gives caregivers a straightforward way to see information from the daily check-ins that seniors complete. These check-ins cover essential aspects of their daily routine, like meals, medication, and overall wellness. This information is now easily viewable in the ONSCREEN mobile app.

Feature Overview

AI Check-Ins allow caregivers to view the outcomes of daily routines and tasks that are already established through ONSCREEN's platform. By tapping into the existing 'Tasks and Routines' feature, caregivers can now access the data that seniors report on key aspects of their day-to-day life, such as meal consumption, medication intake, and their general well-being. This enhancement not only tracks important health metrics but also strengthens the communication link between seniors and their caregivers. To initiate these AI Check-Ins, caregivers can easily configure the routines by selecting the 'Setup' button displayed on the screen. Follow this guide to complete the setup of the of the Check-Ins.

Check-in Types and Descriptions

Meal Check-In

  • Purpose: Ensures that seniors are maintaining their nutrition and hydration.

  • Interaction: The AI companion asks if the senior has had their meal, prompting further details if required.

  • Caregiver Notification: The caregiver receives updates on the meals, including time, type, and any notes on enjoyment or appetite.

Wellness Check-In

  • Purpose: Monitors the physical and emotional well-being of the senior.

  • Interaction: The senior is asked to rate their pain and happiness on a scale from 1 to 10.

  • Screen Output: Caregivers view these ratings through a visual display of emojis and numerical values, with a timestamp for each check-in.

  • Alerts: Caregivers receive push notifications for pain levels above five or happiness levels below five.

Medication Check-In

  • Purpose: Confirms medication adherence to maintain the senior's health regimen.

  • Interaction: The AI inquires about the senior's medication intake, and the senior responds accordingly.

  • Screen Output: The caregiver's app records a 'Yes' or 'No' answer, along with the time and any additional details.

  • Alerts: If medication is not taken, a push notification is sent to the caregiver for immediate follow-up.

Alerts and Notifications

Caregivers can instant push notifications for any of the following scenarios:

  • Medication is not taken.

  • Pain levels are reported above a threshold (default is five).

  • Happiness levels fall below a threshold (default is five).

To enable these notifications, go to Settings > AI Companion > Send AI Notifications to Caregivers.

How to Respond to Alerts

  1. Immediate Assessment: Evaluate the notification's urgency and the potential reasons behind the alert.

  2. Reach Out: Contact the senior directly to discuss any issues raised by the AI Check-Ins.

  3. Follow-Up Actions: Depending on the assessment, you may need to visit the senior, contact a healthcare provider, or adjust care plans.


The ONSCREEN AI Check-Ins feature provides a simple yet powerful way to maintain an ongoing awareness of a senior's well-being. By leveraging real-time data and instant notifications, caregivers can offer an unprecedented level of care and peace of mind.

Please feel free to reach out to us and let us know your thoughts about this feature and what else you might like to see in our platform.

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