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How Do I Delete My Account
How Do I Delete My Account

Delete your ONSCREEN TV Video calling account if you want to remove your data for privacy

Updated over a week ago

If you have canceled your subscription and wish to delete your account and the data that goes with it, you can do so from the ONSCREEN App. Go to the Profile tab, and select Edit Profile. You will see the option to delete your account. Confirm this selection and it will happen automatically. The time to delete will be a few minutes.

If you do not have access to the app, or wish to delete the data for a care receiver under your account, please contact us from the email used as your login. If you are unsure of which email to use, go to the Profile tab. It is listed under your name at the top of the screen.

Note that if there are multiple care givers for the care receiver you want to delete, we will contact the other care givers to confirm the deletion. We will process the deletions that do not need confirmation within 3 business days.

To Request Account/Data Deletion:

Send an email from the email account used for login with the subject "Account Deletion"
In the body of the email, request "Delete Account", "Delete Data", or "Delete Account and Data".

Delete Account

Deleting the Account removed the personally identifiable information provided such as

  • first name, last name

  • IP address

  • Profile picture

  • Favorites (these are stored as unique identifiers and do not have Personally Identifiable Information)

  • Tokens for integrations like Zoomd

  • along with preferences like volume boost, auto-answering times, etc.

Delete Data

This deletes only the following types of data:

  • Call records (normally deleted after 6 months)

  • Daily updates (these are also only kept for 6 months)

  • Playlists for YouTube

Delete Account and Data

This deletes all of the Account items, plus the items in "Delete Data" list.

Send the email to

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Our live chat is available on our website, and in our app during our standard business hours.


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