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How to Watch TV on your ONSCREEN device
How to Watch TV on your ONSCREEN device
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PlutoTV offers hundreds of channels of streaming content that you can enjoy directly on the ONSCREEN device. This guide will help you navigate and use the PlutoTV app with your ONSCREEN remote.

Step 1: Accessing PlutoTV

Ensure that your TV and ONSCREEN device are on.

Click the purple "TV" button to start the TV App.

Step 2: Browsing Content

Use the Up/Down control on the remote to scroll through channels.

Channel Guide: Press the 'Guide' button to access the live TV channel guide. Use the arrow keys to scroll through the list of channels.

On Demand: For on-demand content, select the 'On Demand' option. Use the arrow keys to browse through movies and TV shows.

Step 3: Selecting and Playing Content

Navigate to the desired channel or on-demand content using the arrow keys.

Press the 'Select' or 'OK' button to start that channel.

Content Highlights for Seniors

The PlutoTV platform has a variety of content that seniors might find enjoyable and engaging. Here are some highlights:

  • I Love Lucy Channel: Enjoy the classic Lucille Ball up to her ol' antics.

  • Classic TV: Enjoy timeless classics that might bring back fond memories.

  • Westerns: For those who love the old frontier, Westerns offer a trip back to the days of cowboys and duels.

  • Documentaries Engage with the world through informative and thought-provoking documentaries on a range of topics.

  • Game Shows: Participate in the excitement of game shows and keep the mind sharp with puzzles and trivia.

  • Classic Movies: Relive the golden age of cinema with classic films.

  • Love Stories: For the romantics, enjoy a selection of heartwarming love stories.

  • Cats 24/7: Animal lovers can watch their favorite feline friends any time of the day.

  • NatureVision TV: Relax with beautiful scenes from nature, ideal for a peaceful viewing experience.

With these easy steps and a curated selection of content, seniors can enjoy a variety of programming suited to their tastes on PlutoTV through the ONSCREEN device. Happy watching!

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