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ONSCREEN Moment - Lights and Switches
ONSCREEN Moment - Lights and Switches
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ONSCREEN Moment โ€“ lights and switches

These buttons are used for individuals who have the unit in their apartment or room.

Normal is Blue and Green to be on.

Red light means microphone is switched off, use switch on top of unit to enable.

Yellow on when ethernet is plugged into unit instead of wifi.

When unit is ringing, blue/yellow/green lights flash.

Privacy shutter for camera should normally be left fully open.

If shutter is NOT FULLY open (even just a little bit closed) the camera will be shut off. The red vertical light will be on. (Even if there is no call up).

When shutter is open, light will turn green when camera working. When not on Zoom or call, it will not be lit (idle).

The privacy switch for the microphone is on the top of the unit. When the microphone is disabled, the switch has a red marker and the red light on front will be lit.

Move the switch to the front of the unit to enable the microphone.

Normally the microphone is always left enabled.

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