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One of the most common situations for ONSCREEN is to help people visit with someone who isn't able to use a smartphone or might not be alert enough to answer calls. ONSCREEN is able to help by answering the calls automatically and turning the TV on and showing the video call. This article helps you set this up.


For this example, we'll set up Mom at her assisted-living apartment and three children who want to be able to call Mom. You will need to install the ONSCREEN Spark at Mom's apartment, so she will need the following --

  • Internet access, either WiFi or an ethernet cable

  • A spare HDMI port on her TV

  • The TV has to support HDMI-CEC. This feature is usually there and is almost always enabled for TV's made after 2017. If you have the make and model, we can check for you.


Step 1: Sign Up Callers

The three children can also get a Spark unit, or make the calls from an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android Tablet. It's a good idea for all three to download the ONSCREEN software from the App Store or Google Play first. It will start on the Sign Up page. Follow the directions to Sign Up and if you are not using a Spark, select "Continue without TV".

Step 2: Create an account for Mom

On your mobile phone, log out of your account by going to the Profile tab and selecting "Log Out". Now you are going to create the account that we associate with Mom. On the mobile phone, select "Sign Up" again. This time, create the account for Mom. Use her phone number and email. If she doesn't have a mobile, it's ok. Use whatever number you normally use to reach her. If she doesn't have email, you should use an extra email for one of the children. It's only for recovering the password if forgotten.

Step 3: Install the Spark Unit

At Mom's apartment, follow the setup instructions to plug in the Spark, connect the webcam and put the HDMI cable into the spare HDMI port on the TV. Continue through the setup for the Spark.

Step 4: Select the people for auto-answer

After connecting to the internet, you will be on the Home Screen again. Next to Favorites, click the Add link. Find each sibling and add them. Now you should have the Favorites showing on the Home Screen. Auto Answer will only happen for the people in the Favorites list. To enable Auto Answer, you can go to the Profile tab and enable Auto-Answer From Favorites. You can have it always auto-answer or set up times and days of the week. All done! Now you can "Log Out" of Mom's account and log back into your account.

Step 5: Make the first call!

To check, now that you are logged in as yourself, click "Call a Contact" and find your Mom. Select this contact with the same phone number you used for signing up Mom. The call should start and Mom's TV will show a countdown to connecting the call.

Thanks for using ONSCREEN and contact us with any questions.

If you need ANY help with setup, please schedule a Setup Call with us:

Schedule a call with one of our support reps by clicking here

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