Once the initial setup is complete, and all updates downloading and installed, you can start a call.

Click on "Call a Contact" and select the person you want to call.

If they have the ONSCREEN App installed, the call will go through, and they will receive a notification that you are calling. Once they answer, you will be connected.

If they don't have the ONSCREEN App installed, you will be shown a text message that will be sent to them with a link to the app, so they can answer your call. Click "Send" to send the text message to invite them to join ONSCREEN. Once they click your link and install ONSCREEN, you will be notified that they're ready to have a call. Now you can call them again from "Call a Contact" and the call will go through.

You can also invite them to install the ONSCREEN App by going to https://app.onscreeninc.com for iOS and Android. The ONSCREEN App is free to install and use.

During your call, managing your call is very easy. You can Mute/Unmute your Mic, and Enable/Disable your Camera. When you're all done, simply click the Hang-up button.

That's it! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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