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How to Setup Family Share
How to Setup Family Share

Family Share allows you to share control of your ONSCREEN device with other members of your household.

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Family Share is a great feature that allows you to share the control of your ONSCREEN device with other members of your household. This allows everyone to make and receive calls on the ONSCREEN device. Here's how to set it up:

1. Set up your ONSCREEN device like you normally would -- we assume this part is already done

2. Have the person that you want to share your ONSCREEN device with download the ONSCREEN App for their mobile device.

3. Once they've downloaded the app, make sure they create an account. Make note of the Email address they used to create the account.

4. Now back on your ONSCREEN App, click on the "Device" button, at the bottom of the screen. This takes you to our new Device Details screen.

5. From the "Device" screen, in the "Users" section, click on "Invite a User to this Device"

6. One the next screen, simply enter the email address of your friend/significant other. They will instantly be invited to use the ONSCREEN device!

7. Now, when they open the app, they will see that they can place a call with the Mobile App... or your ONSCREEN device!

The latest version of the ONSCREEN App also lets you give your device a name! From the "Device" screen, simply click the "Name your Device" button, and now you can provide a descriptive name like "Living Room" to let you clearly tell the people you're sharing with what this device is.

You can also watch this video for a quick walkthrough of the feature:

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